Ice Machine Direct’s range of Ice and Water Dispensing Machines are sourced from premium manufacturers who make high quality dispensers. We are proud to supply European brands of the highest standard, suitable to whatever our customers’ needs might be. This is where we measure our success. We aren’t simply concerned with making sales that don’t lead to satisfaction within our clients. The brands we choose to distribute are carefully chosen through a strict criterion based on price, usability, durability, efficiency and more, to ensure you can rely on them. Our confidence in our Ice & Water Dispensing Machines is reflected in that all new purchases are backed by the manufacturer’s 1-year warranty. Peruse our vast online selection to find the commercial ice dispenser machine perfect for your business. We can dispense the wisdom that’ll get you the best dispenser for your needs!

Add a stylish and functional beverage line up in your commercial store with an all-new ice dispenser. The ice and water dispensing machine comes with a push button and a stand. With a high ice storage capacity of up to 500 lb, you can get ice 24/7. Made with the latest ice-making technology, you can continue to provide refreshing and cold beverages to your customers.

What separates our Ice & Water Dispensing Machines from the rest 

There is a common trend amongst our competitors in the industry, in which they will have you believe high quality Ice & Water Dispensing Machines and low prices cannot go together, and they will make you choose between them. At Ice Machine Direct, we’ll deliver on both!

We pass on our savings to our customers when we incur them through our sourcing and storage process, allowing us to offer only the best for the lowest prices.

Our Ice & Water Dispensing Machines are perfect to create sizeable ice cubes in a drink service setting, like bars and restaurants, as well as smaller ice pieces that are consumable, perhaps for nursing homes and hospitals. Each commercial ice dispenser model conforms to stringent sanitary requirements, with a smart design that allows extruded ice to land straight into a cup or bucket, leading to significantly reduced chance of contamination. So whatever form of hospitality your business is engaging in, our Ice & Water Machines can be perfectly controlled to accommodate portions and demand of all scales.

Get your Ice & Water Dispensing Machine and more

At Ice Machine Direct, it is our aim to keep you satisfied. You may also be interested in our ice flaker machines towards helping your business. To receive more information, or if you would like to make an enquiry, regarding our product selection, please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly staff members. Currently, we are offering exclusive deals on our models. Find the best water dispenser for sale at Ice Machines Direct.

We can be reached over the phone by calling 1300 700 585 or through email at and we will respond as fast as we can with all you require.

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