Planning on opening a bar or restaurant? For a successful business operation, you need quality equipment such as an ice cube maker in Australia.

Even if your restaurant serves a little more than a hundred customers in a day, you need to have an adequate ice supply for drinks and cocktails.

At Ice Machines Direct, we are offering a dynamic range of ice maker machines for sale, they are well suited for running large-scale commercial establishments including restaurants, clubs and pubs.

Serve fresh food and beverage at your restaurant. Our ice cube maker machines effectively produce clean, fresh and ready to use ice in huge quantity. You can store and use ice for as long as you want without ever falling short of ice or chilled drinks.

We specialise in offering the best and durable commercial and industrial ice cube making machines. Integrated with evaporator technology, each ice cube has a unique shape. Want to enquire about the price of an ice cube maker machine? Contact us on 1300 700 585 and receive all the information you need on our ice making products and machines.


  • Produces up to 12kgs per 24 hours
  • Easy to operate LCD control panel
  • Compact size and portable design
  • Fully-automated ice sensors
  • Large storage capacity
  • Highly-efficient compressor

It’s the perfect addition to commercial kitchens. The ice cube maker machine can store over 1000kgs of ice including the ice bin and cart. Transfer the ice quickly and avoid water spillage. Our machines come equipped with ice storage bins for safe and secure storage and transportation of ice in large amounts.

The rounded corners and advanced vat design make the device easy to clean and maintain. The drainage system collects water and keeps the bin dry and clean at all times. The polyethylene material coating is resilient to scratches.

Our range of ice cube makers in Australia ensures a consistent supply of ice all year long. Now you don’t have to invest thousands of dollars in purchasing high-end and compatible ice makers and dispensers. You can get fresh ice just with a push of a button. The settings can be controlled with the help of a control panel.

Ice maker machine commercial

With an ice maker machine, you will always have plenty of ice and chilled beverages.

Our portable ice maker machines can go anywhere, all you need is an outlet to plug in the device. When you place it on the countertop, it won’t occupy much space. The machine produces ice faster as compared to other icing devices. This means no more waiting for your staff and customers.

Simply turn on the ice cube maker machine, add some water to it and you’ll get all the ice you need at your convenience. The machine also has the added advantage of hygiene. The ice can be directly poured into the container/cup which effectively reduces the chances of contamination.

Don’t wait up. Get your ice cube maker machine installed today. Want to know how? Write to us at

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