Flake ice is formed at low temperatures, it is 100% dry and clean when produced. If you are looking for a way to store and transport ice for commercial use then you should consider installing a quality ice flaker machine in your restaurant or cafe.

Ice Machines Direct has earned its reputation as being of the reliable ice flaker machine suppliers in Australia. Our team will assist you in finding the ice flaker for sale online. Feel free to discuss your business and usage needs and we will prepare a list of the top-rated models. Get in touch with our industry professionals to learn more about our flake ice machines and products.

Our flake ice machine models can be operated without the need for any adjustments. With no defrost cycles, the machine automatically gets switched off once the containers reach their capacity. Get ice flakes in different sizes and shapes with our advanced and hi-tech ice flake machines.

Why Choose Our Commercial Ice Flaker Models?

  • Compatible scientific and customised design
  • Highly efficient and energy-saving option
  • Easy to maintain and operate
  • Production capacity ranging from 1 to 100 tons in a day

These machines are designed using advanced manufacturing technology. The highly reliable units are economical and also comes with a One-year manufacturing warranty. The ice produced by the machine is widely used in laboratories, food processing and the fishing industry. It keeps perishable food products fresh. The machine is used in many other industries that require effective cooling systems in order to function.

The ice flaker machine is available in different types of condensers. The machine is suitable for high humid environments. Our ice flakers are ideal for both commercial and industrial use. We supply flaker machines that cater to our client’s specific requirements.

The highly compatible scientific design has a low breakdown rate which means you can receive continuous ice flake output with less to no technical disruption. The simple installation process and accessible electric control system make it a reliable option for you.

Advantages of Ice Flaker Machine:

  • Ice is directly formed at cold and low temperatures
  • Forms easy to use and clean ice
  • Offers a safe and convenient method of producing ice
  • Good for food preservation
  • Has durable and compact body design
  • Powder-coated stainless-steel construction

At Ice Machines Direct, you can browse various ice flake machine models. We only import and supply tested products in different sizes and capacities. If you have any specific storage or production needs, do share them with us. We will guide you in selecting the most suitable models of ice flakers for your industry.

The production capacity of such units ranges between 1,100 lbs to 11 US tons/day. The ice thickness can be controlled using a rotor. Build for extensive commercial and industrial use, the machine consists of a solid double-walled evaporator and other parts that minimise daily wear and tear.

Contact our staff today for a quotation and warranty details.

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