Commercial Ice Machines Australia

Ice Machine Cuber IM125 Production 128kgs | Storage 50kgs

The IM125 is a great mid-range option of cuber generating 128kg of ice production in a 24-hour period. Powerful, compact and durable this machine can also store 50kgs of production in it’s attached bin. This type of product is ideal for food service operation and hospitality where production is more of a priority than storage.

ICE Machine Cuber ICE150 Production 160kgs

Don't be fooled by its size, this compact ice machine can produce up to a whopping 160kgs per 24hrs. Couple the ICe150 with a wide selection of storage bins starting from 130kgs up to 400kgs.  This ice machine cuber is our suggested entry-level model to stand-alone ice machine head and storage bin. Perfect for establishments with little room to place their ice machine that require a lot of ice.

Ice Machine Cuber ICE300 Production 300kgs

The ICE300 is most recommended upper mid-range offering in the field of stand-alone ice machine heads. This great product comes bundled with a storage bin of your choice to best suit your needs for up to 300KG daily production of cubed ice. This model coupled with our RB190 280kg storage bin is popular with our hotel and restaurant clients.