Ice Flaker Canberra

Ice Flaker FM120 Production 120kgs Storage 60kgs

If you require a mid-size ice flaker machine for your business the FM120 is an excellent solution. This self-contained Flaker produces 120KG of flake ice per day, and comes with an attached 60KG storage bin to ensure you have a reserve of production as you need it. Flake Ice is ideal for seafood, medicine and other industries where softness is of utmost importance.

Ice Flaker FM255 Production 200kgs

This is the perfect product if you are seeking entry-level model ice flaker machine. This stand-alone machine head produces 200kg of flake ice in a 24-hour period and select a storage bin in line with your needs in line with your needs. We have over 25-years of experience as Australia’s leading ice machine supplier and will be there to support you throughout the life-span of your machine.