An important aspect of the hospitality and food industry is about taking good care of your customers. To make that happen, you need to have quality equipment that will make a noticeable difference to your business.

No matter the type of hotel or restaurant establishment you are going to run, having an adequate supply of ice is a must especially during the summers. If you’re planning on opening a new commercial venture, then consider having an ice machine for your hotel. A hotel ice machine is the ideal best way to deliver ice to your guests without the risk of contamination.

For more than 25 years, Ice Machines Direct has supplied reliable and easy to use equipment across various industries. If you’re looking for the best ice machine for your hotel, you can connect with our team for professional advice. We are well-equipped with industry knowledge and have experience in all kinds of projects ranging from cafes to international hotels.

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What Are The Benefits Of an Ice Machine For a Hotel? 

Ice is an essential ingredient for drinks and cocktails. It can add a touch of freshness to the food and beverages served at your hotel. A commercial-grade ice machine for hotels effectively produces clear, refreshing and pure ice that can be served to customers anytime.

Another rock-solid benefit of ice machines is the safety it offers. The unit automatically dispenses ice into the glassware which means you do not have to scoop out the ice manually. Retrieve as much ice as you want without running out of ice. The ice machine for the restaurant is compact enough to be installed on a countertop. Even if your kitchen has limited space, you can easily install the ice machine in a small space.

Ice Machines Direct’s ice machines are approved for high scale commercial use. They can easily be set up in any indoor location. The multi-function LED panel enables the user to customise the settings according to their usage. The panel displays the temperature of the environment and ice making time. Once you install an ice machine for your hotel, you can get a supply of up to 300 kgs of ice in a day.

Ice Bin For Restaurant

Our range of ice bins are perfect for your bar and restaurant areas where cold beverages are served. The bin can hold up to 275 lb of ice and provides easy access to the ice to the user. Made from durable stainless steel, the ice bin’s exteriors are quite strong and steady, the body is designed to withstand the daily wear and tear. The bin can store and protect ice for longer hours even in hot and humid weather.

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