Ice Machines Direct brings some of the most amazing and long-lasting ice solutions to our clients working in various food and fisheries industries.

Fishing Ice Machine

When it comes to dealing with marine fisheries, you need to have a safe and secure way of storing and transporting your fish. To overcome such challenges in the seafood industry, we are here to help you in a highly effective way.

A fishing ice machine not only provides cooling for a prolonged period but also controls bacterial activities thus keeping your seafood fresh and ready to serve.

Our fishing ice machines can produce flat pieces of ice flakes that can be used to provide proficient cooling to fresh produce.

Ice Machines for Seafood:

Our flake ice machines have high ice efficiency and are able to operate reliably in harsh conditions. We supply affordable ice makers and ice storage solutions that are ideal for the seafood industry. Having an Ice Machine for Seafood that will remain trouble-free for years enables you to keep your produce fresh, not bruised, and displayed beautifully for our seafood retail customers.

We ensure that our Ice Machine for Seafood is capable of maintaining an ideal temperature for a long period of time. The ice helps prevent scratches and keeps the seafood safe from damage that may occur during transportation.


  • Non-corrosive body 
  • Energy-efficient compressor 
  • Lower power consumption 
  • Provides uniform cooling and preserves seafood  

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