Commercial Ice Machine Brisbane

Ice Machine Cuber IM45 Production 45kgs | Storage 20kgs

The IM45 is an excellent option if you are seeking an entry-level machine cuber, ideal for any small business which requires regular access to ice. Compact and affordable this machine produces 45kg daily and can store up to 20kg in it’s attached storage bin to ensure you always have a supply on hand.

Ice Machine Cuber IM75Production 65kgs | Storage 30kgs

Ideal for a range of industries this compact cuber machine is an excellent addition to any small business. Affordable and created with state-of-the-art technology, this compressed cuber can produce 65kg of cube ice over 24 hours. Bundled with a 30kg storage bin, you can save money and time buying ice bags and ensure you always have the ice you require on hand for when you need it.

Ice Machine Cuber IM125 Production 128kgs | Storage 50kgs

The IM125 is a great mid-range option of cuber generating 128kg of ice production in a 24-hour period. Powerful, compact and durable this machine can also store 50kgs of production in it’s attached bin. This type of product is ideal for food service operation and hospitality where production is more of a priority than storage.

Ice Machine Cuber IM215 Production 160kgs | Storage 70kgs

Ice Machines Direct are Australia’s leading supplier of ice maker and ice machines for over 25 years so you can be sure our extensive range will meet your needs. The IM215 is powerful, affordable and can produce up to 160kg of ice per day. Ideal for any food service operation, this product can ensure you have the ice you need when you need.

Ice Machine Cuber ICE200 Production 200kgs

Our ICE200 produces 200kg of ice per day, and the modular nature of this head means it can be coupled with any size of storage bin to match your unique needs perfectly. Our machines can be counted on to provide your business with consistent refrigeration and unmatched capacity and performance in the field.

Commercial Ice Machine Cuber ICE500 Production 485kgs

This commercial grade ice machine cuber produces 485kg of product within a 24-hour period and is an excellent option of stand-alone machine head. It’s cutting-edge design and technology will ensure you have a reliable and sturdy product. Bundled with a storage bin of your choice you can create a custom solution to meet your refrigeration needs.