Ice Dispenser

5kg Ice Bags (QTY 200) – SOLD OUT back in stock soon

In addition to our extensive range of storage units we also supply durable and affordable ice bags to assist you in the transportation of ice as you require it. The standard bags have the capacity to hold up to 5kgs of ice and we are also able to customise your bags with your unique branding or any promotional requests.

Filter Kit: Model FL10

Our water filter kit has quality second to none, including a premium five-micron cartridge which effectively reduces sediment, chlorine, scale and odour. To ensure the best filtering outcomes we recommend replacing the cartridge approximately every six months. If hygiene and cleanliness are top priorities this product is an excellent solution to ensure that your ice machine remains clean while also complimenting your appliance with all major codes, all for an affordable price.

Replacement Filter Cartridge – FL100

Effective at reducing chlorine, taste & odour our premium water filter is rated at 5 Micron. Hygienically filtering anything unwanted in your water this will perfectly compliment your existing ice flaker or cuber machines. The perfect addition to any work site, hospital or restaurant this filter is optimal in food handling settings and will ensure hygiene is never an issue.

DB59 Ice Dispenser Storage bin

The DB59 is ideal for your business if you require a moderate production of ice in a hygienic and accessible manner. Supported by its European design, this product ensures that Ice can be dispensed without it being handled, making it the perfect machine for hospitals in particular.  

Hoshizaki Ice Dispenser DCM-60KE-P Production 60KG | Storage 1.9KG

This diverse and adaptable ice dispenser will suit an array of environments and industries. The Hoshizaki ice dispenser DCM-60KE-P is reliable and heavy-duty, and its compact design will ensure that you can store your product and access it as you need it. An excellent desktop and ice and water dispenser and can produce up to 60kg of cube ice in 24 hours while also storing 1.9kg of ice at any one time.

Hoshizaki DCM-120KE-P Ice & Water Dispenser Production 125KG | Storage 4KG

Premium Cublet Ice, Smooth ice dispense, No ice bridging, Robust and reliable, Sanitary self-service application, Easy operation – Push button; dispense ice directly in to container greatly reducing risk of contamination, Dispenses ice only, water only or ice and water, Adjustable portion controlled dispensing, Due to auger system water consumption is equal to ice production.

CTD135L Ice & Water Dispenser Production 135KG | Storage 9KG

The perfect solution if you need a convenient, high-volume ice & water dispenser machine. The compact design allows it to be operated easily by both the public and staff, as well as being simple to keep clean. This product is ideal for being in high-traffic areas, making the most of its fast production.

Frostline Ice Dispenser Bin DB80 M 81 KG Capacity

The HD30 M ice maker and dispenser allows you to easily dispense frozen cubes while maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness. The European design ensures that ice can be dispensed without handling the product making it suitable for a range of industries including hotels, construction sites, mining sites and hospitals.

Ice Machine Cuber IM25 Production 20kgs | Storage 5kgs

The IM25 cuber machine with integrated storage, and a perfect addition to any small business. It's compact, affordable and can produce up to 20kg of Ice a day along with storing a reserve of 5kg. Ideal for a small bar operation and other hospitality businesses, this product give you the peace of mind that you will always have a supply of ice when you need it.

Ice Machine Cuber IM45 Production 45kgs | Storage 20kgs

The IM45 is an excellent option if you are seeking an entry-level machine cuber, ideal for any small business which requires regular access to ice. Compact and affordable this machine produces 45kg daily and can store up to 20kg in it’s attached storage bin to ensure you always have a supply on hand.

Ice Machine Cuber IM75Production 65kgs | Storage 30kgs

Ideal for a range of industries this compact cuber machine is an excellent addition to any small business. Affordable and created with state-of-the-art technology, this compressed cuber can produce 65kg of cube ice over 24 hours. Bundled with a 30kg storage bin, you can save money and time buying ice bags and ensure you always have the ice you require on hand for when you need it.

Ice Flaker FM120 Production 120kgs Storage 60kgs

If you require a mid-size ice flaker machine for your business the FM120 is an excellent solution. This self-contained Flaker produces 120KG of flake ice per day, and comes with an attached 60KG storage bin to ensure you have a reserve of production as you need it. Flake Ice is ideal for seafood, medicine and other industries where softness is of utmost importance.

Ice Machine Cuber IM125 Production 128kgs | Storage 50kgs

The IM125 is a great mid-range option of cuber generating 128kg of ice production in a 24-hour period. Powerful, compact and durable this machine can also store 50kgs of production in it’s attached bin. This type of product is ideal for food service operation and hospitality where production is more of a priority than storage.

Ice Machine Cuber IM215 Production 160kgs | Storage 70kgs

Ice Machines Direct are Australia’s leading supplier of ice maker and ice machines for over 25 years so you can be sure our extensive range will meet your needs. The IM215 is powerful, affordable and can produce up to 160kg of ice per day. Ideal for any food service operation, this product can ensure you have the ice you need when you need.

Storage Bin 100 | 129kgs

Compliment your new ice cuber head or ice flaker head machine with a modular storage bin. All of our bins are made out of stainless steel and are designed to fit seamlessly with our modular ice maker heads. Always rest assured that you have an abundance of ice on hand for when you need it, stored with the utmost security, stability and hygiene in one of our trusted storage bins. These 100 models are also compatible with the IM145 model modular Ice Machine.